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Written and edited by experienced lawyers who practice before a wide range of administrative agencies in Oregon, this new edition of Oregon Administrative Law has been completely revised and reorganized, and replaces our older publication of the same name.

The 2010 edition is an authoritative analysis of administrative law in
Oregon, with a special focus on the particular interests of the private
practitioner. Learn about: local government public hearing procedures;
when an agency may issue a civil penalty; the circumstances in which an
agency rule or order may be judicially reviewed; which alternative
processes and forums are available for resolving disputes with agencies;
the considerations when representing a client in a criminal enforcement
proceeding; how administrative law judges are selected; and much more.

The 2016 supplement thoroughly updates the 2010 text with an explanation
of the essential components of Oregon’s Administrative Procedures Act,
including its comprehensive definitions, rulemaking procedures,
contested case procedures, procedures for judicial review or rules,
contested-case orders, declaratory rulings, and much more. Written and
edited by experienced lawyers who practice before a wide range of
administrative agencies in Oregon.
Chap# – Title
      Copyright, Disclaimer, How to Cite, Preface, Introduction
      Table of Forms and Appendixes
 1 – Agency Authority and Functions
 2 – The Administrative Law Judge
 3 – Administrative Rules
 4 – Contested Cases: Preparation and Strategy
 5 – Orders in Other Than Contested Cases
 6 – Extraordinary Remedies in Administrative Cases
 7 – Public Records
 8 – Public Meetings and Public Hearings
 9 – Attorney General Opinions and Rules
10 – Civil Penalties and Cease-and-Desist Orders
11 – Criminal Enforcement of Administrative Rules, Permits, and Absence of Permits
12 – Alterntive Dispute Resolution
13 – Health Professional Licensing and Enforcement
14 – Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions
15 – Governmental Oversight and Relations
16 – Legal Ethics in the Administrative Law Setting
      Subject Index